Players not accepting rematches

Whats up with players who win and run...never giving a chance for the other player to win back a game? SMH...and chatting to people who just ignore you? NO annoying...
They don't want to get beaten again that why
Most of the time players rush to the analysis board after the game and so miss out on the rematch offer
The same reason is also applicable for the chat one
Samanyay...I mean when I get beaten they don't offer a rematch...
I don't really expect it, generally you will only get a rematch if they have responded to you before. There's also plenty of other opponents to fight as well. The more you know, the better you are. Don't be mad if they ignore/refute a rematch.
Why does it matter if you play Anonymous Player1 or Anonymous Player2 if both are the same rating range?
To be honest, most of the time's my my opponent has asked for a rematch is when, I've lost to them, they ask for a rematch because they want a win and they'll get free rating points. You opponent could have declined also because like @Samanyay said, they don't want to lose. If they lose and you're have a 50+ rating difference, your opponent's rating points will a lot.
I often have to refuse rematches simply because I have to go, I can’t just keep on playing chess forever (as much as I would like to ;)

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