Play bullet slow or fast

I found many of the high rated bullet player to start very slow best example is magnus (DrNytker....) on the other hand we found many high rated players to start very fast ex. is Tryfon Gavriel (KingscrusherYou.. ).Guys what is your say about this contrast.

Players start slower or faster based on their preference and/or speed.

Many strong bullet players start really fast in order to conserve time, but others start slower in order to avoid blunders in the opening. There are many dirty tricks in the opening that work when players play moves too quickly in the opening so many bullet players take a little more time to ensure that they don't lose to an opening blunder and if their opponent blunders, they can take advantage instead of missing a winning move because they played too fast.

It is also a matter of pure speed and experience at bullet. Players like Tryfon Gavriel and Andrew Tang have been playing bullet frequently for years, and have no problem banging out the opening in under 5 seconds. On the other hand, many grandmasters who don't play online bullet that often or just recently started playing bullet are not as used to playing the opening that quickly, so they start a bit slower.

Depends on my mood.
If I am frustrated, I play really fast to flag opponent.
If I am in good mood, I think carefully and play good chess. :)

I am completely uninterested in short time control games but even in 10 minut games I can see users of high rating who take 2 seconds in the opening, sometimes premove, and even that they blunder a piece after move 2.

it depends if i am playing a high rated opponent i like to start quickly and go for some tricks
if i play with a lower rated opponent i will try to play a bit more solid and maybe i will take some time

Playing bullet chess is like driving a supercar in high speed on a very busy traffic .If you can apply brake on a fraction of second and accelerate on next fraction of second without killing yourself, and reach destination within a short time limit .you are a bullet hero.

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