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  3. People leaving game and not resigning

Hello everyone,

I come to you to talk about these kind of behaviours.
I'm exhausted, this seems to be a increasing trend and I wanted to have any other opinion on that matter.

I recently saw the feature on your profile that says how many games you ended without leaving (as percentage). How is that possible that people below 80% have the right to play on this site ? That means they leave 1 game out of 5, that's huge! I know it could sometimes be related to internet issues, but wouldn't that be easy to check with a simple bot ?

The feature that allows me to claim victory after my opponent leaves is a good thing, I couldn't imagine having to wait 15 minutes for the game to end. However this comes with a feeling of frustration. I don't even care if I win or lose, I just want to play chess and enjoy games.

I'm very aware that these childish behaviours can't be 100% deleted, but I've been playing exclusively on this site for 3 years now and today's trend is worrying. Like I said, I've never crossed so many quitters than in the past month.

I'd like to hear any opinion, maybe I'm wrong and maybe I'm the only one seeing the trend.


I agree that people with a trend of leaving is ruining every game site. The percentage banning is a good idea. The problem with banning is that the user can just rejoin under a different name, although this would discourage some.

I only face it when I challenge it. Players with higher ratings don't always want to play. That's OK. Sometimes before the game starts I have to see up to 3 breaks. I see you have a rating of less than 1600 so many believe that playing with you will not learn anything new. However, if you want to learn on your own, play tournaments and challenge players above your ranking. This will give you an analysis of the game played and you will be able to learn from the experience of tactical ideas and plans of the game.