people forcing exchanges

One thing is to offer a trade, other thing is to FORCE a trade. In order to force a trade you have to play the moves that force trades, which is not easy. If the player would want a trade in order to have an easier win, it's his job to find those moves and your job to try to keep pieces on the board to try to complicate the game. You are complaining about your opponent making things difficult for you...

Forcing a trade is used to both maintain piece advantage and break up opponent's position by constant attack from various directions.Works well in any military situation when you are facing a superior force.The OP had a string of losses against "inferior ability" opponents; maybe that's what made him go all bitter and twisted.

(commencing countdown to tirade of rating-shaming these types always resort to when they know they are losing the debate to an "inferior ability" person)


I’m pretty sure my outraged comment about OP using the phrase “psychological inferiority” to describe other players made them shut up. Definitely for the better.

Or, maybe he drank another shot and passed out at the bar.

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