people forcing exchanges

@everybody. there is a lot going on there....

so I answer the first answer I saw

I never referred to lower rated players...did I? I told about inferior...which can mean lot of thing but do not refer explicit to rating...

I'm referring also for players who have same level...if they play in order to exchange every piece in order to try to defend until the end their advantage until the point is no more recoverable...and that don't imply a leve but a me...I'm no one...this is a looser's a mentality of a persons that think this is the only way or the better to come to a I recover the hanging piece then your mentality get have no more your advantage...the one you built your paper castle...and you are done..beside your level...

it is a psychological inferiority not a rating inferiority...


@piscatorox your game is not really the right example...the opponents had a passive game from the beginning to the end (I mena those gamer that maintain an active behavior but the active behavior is synonym of passive personality) and despite that he just gifted you a free horse for an attack that had no future...(I'm drunk did not study the position but looks like)

@OneDummHikk your cheap psychology do not affect me

@gyryth nice how for inferior mind correcting gramatic is a weapon against reasoning

well you corrected my English...or not?...I think was already enough clear...I tried to explain my reasoning in different manner...but all the answer are not coming at the point...dostroying my ideal without argumentation or without touching the point I m asking is not replying at hole...this is not politic....or it is?

Chess is all about finding best moves. There is no psychology, no mentality. Only position. You should do what is right according to situation on the board. If trading everything is the best option, you should do it. Btw if opponent is up a piece, game is already over.

@Llynkk no is not the is not just about win or loose or lichees point...psychology it is 4/5 of every sport...if you don't understand that it is either because your a winner and for you is just all natural or because you re a looser and you don't want to admit that...a war is lost when you decide is lost...or perhaps not...when you decide a war is is for sure

@OneDummHikk and in order trying to answer to you big is not about the win or the lost...points are like money they come and they is not about I win or I lose it is just about I get bored because I know I'm losing time...that contrary to money just go away


“Psychological inferiority”?!?

Excuse me?!?

What do you think this is, America in the 1800s, when white men defended slavery by saying blacks had an inferior mind?

If you want to live in the past that’s your problem, but in that case this place is not for you. It takes a lot to make me mad, but you just did it, with just a few words. Congratulations. Now get out.

@LaSolitaDomenica Far from correcting your English, I kept your mistakes in my cut-and-paste. That's why it's clear you didn't read my post before responding, which is like playing chess without looking at your opponent's last move.

It seems that you did not learn a basic Capablanca concept. You better try to mimic those players with "inferior game skills" so you can improve your results.

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