people forcing exchanges

it does offen happen that people with inferior game capacity when they are up of a piece looks like every single moove they do is targeted in forcing exchanges of other pieces in order to reach their beatifull endgame with a figure against sad those persons

What's your problem? They play t owin. A pieve down have you not thought of resigning? Unless, of course, you have very good compensation!

yes i could resign...the point is...when i'm up of piece i try to use this piece in order to become more dangerous in my attack plans....i do not try to exchanges every figure in order to simplify the win...if you don't understand this reasoning this is not a topic for you

Exchanging when up material is common sense. It wins the game. Get over it. If you have superior "game capacity", don't lose pieces, duh.

the problem is that if you want to play up a piece with a slow dominating style that's fine, but you can't force people to play your style, trading while up material is just a easier win most of the time.


You can’t expect people to play the game the way you do. Everyone plays differently. Personally I also do that, because going for exchanges when up in material simplifies the board and makes it a lot less likely that I will make a move that screws myself over. And if they have “inferior game capacity”, why don’t you use your big brain to avoid exchanges and equalise the material?

@AcademicNinja99 hahahaha i waited for that answer...well is true i do not use my biggest brains in order to avoid those changes :D

but at a point...let say you are 1500 and you play with a don't do that...and you know why? because doing that is synonum of scare...because if you feel stronger or equal you know you win that match with better play

and let's make it hypothetical....if I'm down of a use this tactic and just try to exchange everything...if...I say if...I menage to recover because your pressing wasn't good...then I'm 99% winning this match


Okay first of all, if you end up being a piece down to someone, they don’t have “inferior game capacity” (Which, I realise, is just a term you use so you seem more polite about calling players weaker than you, but it just sounds more arrogant), even if their rating says otherwise.

And if that situation does happen, I do the opposite. If a player with a lower rating than me has played well enough as to leave me a piece down, then I will rather give it my all to regain a good position, even if that’s just restoring the material balance. And if they still win I congratulate them, rather than going to the forums to complain about losing to lower rated players who used what you consider to be cheap tactics :P

If they managed to get an extra piece, they are free to play that position however they want, it’s your fault you did poorly, and it’s not their responsibility to give you a chance to fix it.

I don't understand how the smaller cars just don't get off the road, forever not just when I'm coming. They should know by now that's the only reasonable solution.

Oh, wait, I should open a forum and complain about my warped perception of morality. To the OP, whining about this minor detail, which according to you leads to a "beatifull endgame," just reveals some insecurity about yourself.

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