Penguin has almost reached 3200 Elo, that's incredible

Kanaan i never said i dont know you, its different to confusing. But again personal attacks instead of attacking the arguments. But ok, you win, you are chivalrous i wait in the bush for a mistake attacker. That shows how much you are interest in facts you honest guy.

Guys please. If you are going to resort to exchanging "arguments" at least don't pretend to know what logical fallacies are. Just as citing Kramnik is not an "appeal to authority" neither is calling someone stupid or implying it an argumentum ad hominem.

This is a contest which would put Greek philosophers to shame😅

kanaan my dude dont stoop down to their level.

Yes was stupid from me. But he could have attacked me the entire time but waited till i opened up with an apooogy. And then he used it to discredit everything. Yes no excuse. Next time i just ignore.

Anyhow maybe im wrong again, but i thought kanaan was the gingergm guy, and fact attack was simply to advertise bs. Im too dumb to find my way around lichess to find all his posts. So maybe again i was wrong. Though using the term facts to attack character is very fishy. And to attack someone who apologizes. Is still even more fishy if you use it to attack character. Anyhow if i was wrong i would apologize to every other guy. But my intuition tells me kanaan is a very bad guy. The same voice that warned socrates.