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@jeffsonadam said in #30:
>You said it yourself, I was critical about your use of free speech (in other words, I didn't agree with what you said), I wasn't however in any way implying that you should not be allowed to express yourself.
But you didn't criticize the ideas my words conveyed you specifically criticized my SAYING IT. Your first sentence was fine.
>Well, both sandbaggers and cheaters violated the TOS, so that's only fair, imho.
Totally incorrect and misinformed but not denying me my right to express myself.
But then when you went on to say
>It's quite rich for someone who took advantage of a free service and violated its terms of service to question the way they are flagged
The meaning is clear. You are saying that someone in MY situation ought not to be saying what I said. That's criticizing the ACT OF ME SAYING IT. Not criticizing the concept which I was trying to convey. This distinction is not that hard to discern if you are making a good faith effort to do so.

I accept your apology, have a good day or evening as the case may be.

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