Opportunity to take your chess game to the next level

@Doodlepro_anbu Thanks for your response. It is not really the idea that's bothering them, it's something deeper. It's really a mixture of factors. Here are some of them:
1. The anonymity. Nobody knows their real name, and no one can see them. Unfortunately some people who are usually cowards in real life, become emboldened by the anonymity and take this opportunity to spread their negative attitude online, where they cannot be held accountable.
2. For some, they are just in a bad place in their lives. They don't feel good about themselves. Instead of taking the time to deal with their own problems, they try to drag people down into their own misery. For example, anyone who takes the time to insult others online, cannot be doing well. Something's wrong somewhere.
3. Others simply have a limited view of what is possible. They have a difficult time believing that it is possible to learn ten times as fast as they do. But it is absolutely possible, to do so. It simply requires one to apply different principles.
4. Others have not experienced any real improvement in years and so are triggered by the idea that it is possible to do what they were not able to do.

I never let this kind of stuff get to me. I am here for the people who think this is a good idea and want to take part in it. I simply don't waste my time engaging with the rest.

Well, most of us are simply realistic.

As a mod in another forum I can tell that there is a constant source („noise“) of crackpots with „new“ ideas cropping up. Or a lot of trolls and sealions.

I have seen everything.

Instead of a meeting I would rather solve puzzles ,endgames, study games and analyse my games

Besides, who wants to sign on to listen to another one of Dr Van Pelt's 5-cent psychiatric booth lectures?

@Doodlepro_anbu The idea of people getting together as a study group is fine. The question here though is how long you're gonna be able to get along with Mr Extremely Ambitious...especially in a "mastermind group" where harmony is paramount.

@MrPushwood Curious, how long have you been NM? You’re inexplicably adverse to reading longer messages, and you’re constantly shutting people down. From what I can tell, you’re constantly on these forums yet you contribute so little in the way of help or positivity. Are you doing okay personally?


Perhaps re-lable the group mastermind wannabees OR something that shows ambition to grow.
If you want to recruit people whom want to improve in chess, and are likeminded, remove the 10x as quick as otherwise. As this is not realistic and simple scares people away, whom would otherwise join.

I would advice to have joint study material (eg book, Youtube series, OR strong player in the group whom is willing to teach) to give your group a bit more body and steer it in a clear direction.

I like your enthusiasm and wish you all the luck with your studygroup! Enjoy

@late_night_taco I like to think I contribute with my "negativity" (with so much mindless--not to mention downright toxic--positivity nowadays, snarkiness seems like a breath of fresh air to me). And at least I'm honest; you know what you're getting from me (unlike so many who are hopelessly insincere (and/of full of crap).

The reason I don't read longer posts around here is because they're usually contributed by the same old chess-club windbags who I remember from when we actually used to have chess clubs. And I post plenty of advice and variations; often though that stuff seems to go ignored around here (while vapidity flourishes).

As for me personally, I'm doing fine. How about you, Lucy? ;)

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