Opportunity to take your chess game to the next level

@nathanielyu Thanks for the vote of confidence man. It's nice to interact with someone who is supportive and open minded.

Not going to lie, but it sounds like you just want a massive circlejerk. And for that... I'm out.

This is a good idea though you should likely flesh it out with more than “hot seat” and interaction, there should be some practice/study component as well. I’ve done similar in my teenage years (eons ago it seems) with a computer game, finding a partner to work with and improving each other tremendously in the process. I’m doing a similar but far less intensive approach with a chess friend now, though we are both limited in time so our training together is not going to be nearly as intense. But the idea you have is not bad, I would just flesh it out more than simply interaction and add focus study elements to it as well- would gain more interest for maintaining and attracting a group likely.


@jg777 Thanks Jordan. I hadn't considered the idea of adding study and practice elements. Good ideas man!

so what you are saying is that we meet in person in corona and you are on the other side of the world