Opportunity to take your chess game to the next level

Hello guys!

My name is Modja and I am an extremely ambitious chess player, who is on the way to greatness in chess and in life. I am in the process of creating a free mastermind group for chess improvement. The group will consist of serious, extremely ambitious chess players, like me, who have achieved at least 1700 points on Lichess. The idea is to meet online for one hour every Friday at 1800 hours Eastern European Time (EET). We will discuss the challenges that we are facing as we try to improve at chess and help each other find solutions to them. Such regular and harmonious cooperation between like-minded people will have the following advantages:
1. You will improve at least ten times faster than you would have improved on your own.
2. You will have the opportunity to interact with and be influenced by other equally ambitious students of the game
3. You will be held accountable by other group members, which will make you more disciplined in chess.

I have said enough. If you are as enthusiastic about this Mastermind group as I am, please send me a message.

nah man! and btw u are not saying the truth! If i joined this group I WOULD NOT improve ten times faster! U are...idk. this is all i wanna say! u should practice puzzles instead of joining a "mastermind" group! @ModjaModja and don't advertise(it says don't advertise in the regulations!(in case u have not read)

@DerekMcGill I think it sounds good too. It is nice to have someone who isn't negative for a change and has an open mind towards new ideas. Thanks for that. There are masterminds for all types of things. Business, personal relationships etcetera. I wondered why there isn't one for chess improvement. When people work together in harmony towards a common goal, amazing things happen. Am thinking the same thing will happen with chess as well. Here is what I envision: Regular weekly meetings online. The group itself has a maximum of 6 people to ensure that it's not unmanageable. Every week somebody is in the hot seat. This means that a group member has to identify one problem that they are facing in learning chess and talk about to the rest of the group. The rest of the members ask questions and give the member who is in the hot seat brutally honest feedback. This kind of process is literally magical. I have had a similar experience, not with chess but language learning. My other passion. I found that when I work in harmony with someone, in language learning and accept feedback, the growth is absolutely remarkable. Am thinking the same process can be applied to chess. No matter what happens, I am going to build this chess improvement mastermind idea out. Thanks for at least hearing me out.

@nnatha It doesn't really matter what the time control is. I am just setting a minimum requirement of 1700 in order to ensure that the members in the group are of a good enough quality. In a mastermind group, harmony is of paramount importance. It is important that members love each other and that each of them feels that they are getting something out of the interaction. This is why a minimum rating is important. Because if we set it too low, then higher rated players might feel like they are getting nothing out of this.