Opponent adding time

I would rather opponents not add time to my clock. I know it increases the chance for a win but I want and need to challenge myself within a set time limit and even if I win, it seems diminished because of the assistance. I am also often unaware that it has been added until I look at the messages.

I also don't want or ask for takebacks if I mouseslip. It's part of the game. I am able to prevent takeback requests but there doesn't seem to be a way to disable time increases. Is that possible? If not, is it something that has been considered? Perhaps something similar to the takeback setting (i.e. disable adding time - both to an opponent's clock and having it added to one's own clock).

i dont think so. i myself am guilty of this when im in a good game and dont want my opponent to time out.

@Cohomology12 After losing some people wan revenge, so they let the clock run to zero. I sometimes give these people extra time to discourage that

As a fast player, I would prefer to remove the "add time" option.

The only times my opponents used this was when they were hopelessly lost on the board. It's happened so many times, that when I notice my opponents running down the clock, I add time to force them to sit longer.

@soni777new @jonesmh

I never thought of adding time to discourage people from intentionally timing out. I like that. But it doesn't seem like enough of a reason to prevent honest users from opting out.

If intentional timing out wastes the time of the winner, adding more time just makes the winner have to sit longer too. In fact, the winner has more to lose by not sitting and waiting. There have been many times when an opponent leaves the game without resigning and when I check their profile, sure enough, they started a new game. So regardless of how much time I add to punish their lack of sportsmanship, it seems like I am the one stuck waiting. They have nothing to lose, whereas if I move on to a new game, I risk the opponent returning at the last minute to make a move, resulting in me getting flagged.

A note - @sfumatosauce you mentioned that you don't want your opponent to take away the challenge from you.

That can happen without the addTime button through resigning, making bad moves, timing out, etc. It might not even be their fault - they may be having a bad day.

Fighting against opponents making thing easier for you is a tough fight.

Not to mention that the button is (always, in my experience) used as a "good sportsmanship" thing - an "oops, you disconnected and now you are back. Internet was probably bad; let me add time to your clock."

If opponent adds you 15 seconds, you can just surrender when you timer passes a moment 0:15...