Opperwezen - Jasugi99 prize match!

The winner of the bullet crazyhouse world championship opperwezen faces TwelveTeen (now Jasugi99) in a $200 match funded by an anonymous sponsor via JannLee. The match is 100 games in two legs.

Thursday 21st Nov 1800UTC
Sunday 1st Dec 1800UTC

Mugwort will stream.

You can also watch direct on lichess.

Will you be there?

jasugi99-opperwezen 29-21 in the first 50 games the next 50games will be played 1pm est 7pm in amsterdam 6pm utc
brutal spanking today.

I'd like to acknowledge the donor of the $200 prize pool as CapnSinkles from twitch. This viewer had put forward the donation during a difficult time this year when my father passed away and had suggested perhaps I take the family out for a nice meal.

While I've appreciated the kindness from CapnSinkles, I have instead chosen to redirect the funds towards this event as there was overwhelming interest from the community in seeing how TwelveTeen (Jasugi99) would go against the eventual champion, given he was absent from this year's 1+0 Crazyhouse World Championship.

Phenomenal that Mugwort has been able to stream the first 50 games! Great that our crazyhouse community has come together to celebrate these special matches. I have been unable to stream myself being unwell just recently and still having hands full with the demands of a newborn. Well fought so far and good luck to both opperwezen and TwelveTeen in the final 50 games!