Oponent keeps taking poison pawns

Well besides the obvious dubiousness of the opening you seemed to get a good position :)

Just as a personal note I would only consider them to be poisoned pawns if White is level or winning and by them taking the pawn they are landing themselves in a world of trouble. They only accepted the 'poisoned' pawns after you already had an overwhelming advantage.

:) i always find that opening fun for Black's as people don't know how to play against it

People dont know how to play this ?

Look at the rating of your opponents,
If you start playing against -1800-2000

Let me know how they respond!

Troll University?! Shades of Jan Murray!

And no, I am no longer GOP (nor am I still a commie).

Chess Is kinda dunny like that. Players go through 5 stages. When they first learn the rules they do not see the material and do not take it <1200, then when they begin to learn tactics they become greedy they take everything 1200-1600, then as the begin to learn more principles and study the games of players such as Morphy they progress into being less greedy 1600-2000, then they realise that in order to win the game it is necessary to actually take the material and hold on to it 2000-2400, Then the continue the full sircle back to where the circle started and gain a proper and accurate od compensation and do not take the pawns, 2400+. None the less there is no shortcut where you can just start at the 2400 mindset as progressing through each of these phases is important as your development as a chess p[layer. In the words of Grischuk it was necessary for the world to go through a romantic era followed by a Steinitz "material" era for us to now return with a better understanding of the romantic era again.