Openings to study

As a beginner,I'm fairly curious about openings,but I'm not sure which one to study first,any recommendations?

Italian or the Four Knights are pretty good for beginners because they allow you to explore fundamental concepts in e4 openings

Queen's Gambit Declined is also pretty fundamental for d4

Kings Indian and Caro for black . Caro can be plqyed vs any opening vs white.

I personally started with the Queens Gambit, both Declined and Accepted. Its basic and flexible, lets you learn some key concepts, and you can learn the Black Defenses, Slav and Semi Slav. Im really low rated, but I also learned the Rug Lopez and Italian since their similar in set up, and the Sicilain for Black.

Depending on your Style The Kingsgambit is a fun line to study.
You get attacking games where tactics magically spring up like mushrooms after rain.
You get to follow in the footsteps of giants such as Tal, Spassky, David Bronstein.
As black perhaps study "The black lion" its unusual but still to my knowledge quite solid.
Simon Williams made a DVD on the subject, just get it and let the Ginger GM enlighten your path to mastery of this Philidor sideline, i believe Baadur Jobava has experimented with this adventurous line.
Regards Richard

Attacks for white:
Queen's gambit

Defenses for black against e4:

Defenses for black against d4:
Czech Benoni

"As a beginner,I'm fairly curious about openings,but I'm not sure which one to study first,any recommendations?"
As a beginner you do not need to study any openings. Much more impoortatnt is the study of endgames and training of tactics.
The most general recommendation is to answer 1 e4 with 1...e5 and 1 d4 with 1...d5 and to open 1 e4 yourself. You can also opt for another opening. Important is to play the same system over again, so you can gain experience with it. Also play the opening slowly, you can speed up later in the game. General principles are enough to guide you through the opening. Play 2 pawn moves to open diagonals for your bishops and to secure squares for your knights. Develop your Knights first. Look for good development for your bishops after that. Castle to bring your king to safety and to connect your rooks. Last but not least find an active square for your queen. Move a piece once only.

Hi all, also i have a similar problem.I do not know if is convenient play every opening or focus only on 1. One opening opponents can prepare against you but you know it deeply.Too many openings mean you have no advantage.Yesterday in titled tournament a titled player for 2 hours always played something like Nh3-f2 and Na3-c2. Do you recommend me to study only 1 opening and mastering it or more?Thank you in advance.