openings for beginners

i am a beginnner in this beautifull game.

i studied some videos for the basics on youtube. now my first question is about the openings?

which do you recomend?(for beginner level) fornow i am trying it with the london system as a opening. but i would love to learn also diffrent openings. especialy if i am black its harder to find a good opening.

thanks alot for your answears!


I play the English, London system & Ruy Lopez for white. Sicilian mainly for black. Any of those openings should work fine for you.

I think that when we start chess the best is to play the Italian game for the white and black

thanks for your answears!!

i will study these openings!

what else could you recomend to work on at the beginning ?


I would take the time to look at the first few moves of each piece using the computer analysis to see the likely response for each move. Try to understand what your pieces are protecting and what weaknesses you open up. Maybe even look at a variety of opening moves and see what the position ends up being.

I like looking for trapped pieces and looking for holes to move into. It's hard to describe because I'm still new at the game myself.

When I first started, I actually didn't spend any time learning openings. Sure, I familiarized myself with the 7 "rules" of opening and stuff like that, but as for actual theory and named openings? Nah.

My advice is to keep your openings very generalized at first and try everything you can think of to start the game. If you do something to yourself like playing the London System early on.. your creativity will probably die a horrible death.

I like #6's answer the best, but why use a computer? Experiment. Maybe even try some weird stuff. (This advice is for chess only...)

London is a great one. check out IM Eric Rosen on youtube, he has some great London content and loves the opening.

Black Lion Defense is probably something youd like for when you play as back. also easy to learn and you can play it against a lot of openings.

> #7 "I like #6's answer the best, but why use a computer?"

I use the analysis board on this website to just give me an idea of the common moves people like to respond. I found it helpful rather than fumbling around with the pieces and guessing which is good/bad.

Obviously studying out games personally will be more beneficial in the long run. But for someone who is starting out (like me) there is a lot of valuable information with a computer with a database behind it.

Main lines in popular openings will serve you best.

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