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  3. Opening for black

I'm looking for an opening for black which doens't require too much theory. For white, i'm using the london system.

I was thinking on study the pirc defense as black, but usually when the opponent castles queenside and start pushing the h pawn i get crushed. Any ideas?

Against d4, play the czech benoni.
(1.d4 nf6 2.c4 c5 3.d5 e5)

There‘s no „one opening“ because white choose what is trump.

People in the forums often ask for one opening, easy to learn, little theory, winning chances, positionally sound. And they end up with proposals for virtually every existing opening.

I give you no special advice, it‘s the same with all openings. Studying, playing, studying, playing...

But i mean something with simple plans and not too many lines to memorize. For example, studying the Sicilian is hardest than study Scandinavian and so on.

lol You can't just use one opening for black like you can with white. If you want a good solid first move for black, 1... e6 does the trick, but you will need to learn some theory regardless of what you play.

1...Nc6 is good. Carlsen played it recently.
1...a6 is playable, see the famous game Karpov-Miles.
1...b6 is also better than its reputation, also played by Carlsen recently.
1...g5 is playable, see Speelman-Basman.
1...g6 is OK. If white storms with h4, you can block with h5 and then play Ng8-h6-f5
Just play what you like and think thorougly about your moves.

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