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  3. Opening chosen wisely-change openings to learn?

Hey Guys,
i am an agressive play,so i play scotch game and sicilian dragon..
I just wanted to ask:
Would it make sense to change openigns so i learn positional play which im sturggling with?

You should incorporate some less agressive lines in yur repertoire at least for the learning purposes.


In my opinion, it's counter-productive to play not according to your own personal style.

Well ok,but i have somehow to learn positonal play..

Übung macht den Meister, Junge! :D

Ich weiss,und ich spiele ja ziemlich oft(auf andere server)

I'm playing this fucking game for the last 5 years and I don't see any progress. Maybe you've just hit your limit?

Ich bin nicht wirklich der beste Lehrer ... aber das ist eben nur meine Erfahrung.

i dont think there i a limit

You say that you struggle with positional play. Does this struggle occur in positions that you reach from your usual opening lines?
If so, you don't need to change much about your opening choice. Just shift some learning focus to how to deal with these situations.

Or do you want to become a more "complete" player in general? Then of course it totally makes sense to try out a new opening once in a while.

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