Opening Chess

What is The Best Opening On White And Black?

'1. e4 best by test.'

But what do you mean by best.
Do you mean best result -
Objectively best according GM analysis and theoreticians?
Or the opening that has best scoring results?

I would say against 1. e4 (...c5 and ...e5 are the best replies.) and against 1. d4 (...Nf6 and ....d5)

I think when you ask this question it shows a lack of understanding of basics. You don't use an opening to lead you. You use an opening to get positions you want. So, by definition the best opening is a sound opening that gives you the positions that give you the best chance for you to obtain positions you understand better than your opponent.

Yeah there shouldn't be any best openings anymore.

'Engine say most openings are equal'

According to Magnus Carlsen, world champion, almost any opening, provided you are the best player at the board.

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