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Hi Guys,
O play Sicilian hyperaccelerated Dragon since almost a year-
i have a question-i have heard and agree,that sicilian may öead to complex psotion-
i am a 1600 and some 2000+ say its too complex for my level..
Any thoughts?

Doesn't really matter, there is little difference between a "complex" position and a simple position.

And hyperaccelerated dragon is a good opening for a beginner, this was one of my defenses that I played when I was starting.

well i mean u cna have closed one-my rfide rating is a bit lower then my licess

Do not care. Just play it over and over again and you gain valuable experience. The worst you can do is hop from one opening to another. Fischer started playing the Najdorf variation of the Sicilian Defence and the King's Indian Defence - arguably 2 of the most complex defences ever - when he was 13 and he played those all his life with few exceptions.

Ok many thanks

As @tpr said, "Do not care. Just play it over and over again and you gain valuable experience".

Hyperaccelerated Dragon is good. Unbalanced, playable at highest levels (study Kramnik's games) , it is relatively easy to play, there are many traps...
If White castles short, it is usually easy for Black. In some lines you have favorable transpositions into regular Dragon. In some positions you can get even better Dragon (d5 pawn strike in one move)! In Maroczy Bind, you are little worse, but solid and you can outmaneuver weaker opponents easily.

Fischer played it in his last game.

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