Open-source tool for creating chess puzzles

Just sharing this tool I worked on in case anyone finds it useful or has ideas for it:

It's based off the tool originally used to create the Lichess puzzles.

In addition to finding positions where the goal is to checkmate or win material, it can also create puzzles where the goal is to equalize a losing position (i.e. draw by perpetual check or threefold repetition, capitalize on opponent's mistake while they were winning).

It's also possible to create puzzles for chess variants like Crazyhouse if you use a Stockfish version that supports variants.

Man, this looks so cool! I don't know anything about programming, but I already downloaded python, your files, and stockfish and I will try to do it :)

Thanks a lot, it will help on my studies

Sounds really cool! I'll give it a go later tonight. Sounds like a good free replacement for Chess tempo making puzzles from your own games.

Cool, I hope you guys find it useful. I've been making puzzles from my own games, sometimes manually.

I think that's been really helpful for improving, since they teach me to quickly identify the best move in situations where I had made mistakes instead.

If anyone has any idea how to make a stockfish $path in windows, please contact me.


Great objectives, i have not tried yet,did not even finish the read-me, i just wanted to congratulate you for finding this niche and doing what needed to be done to start exploring it. open source, practical ambitions. rest assured of my continued interest, testing, studying, referencing, and possibly or hopefully forking if nothing beats me to whatever the fork would have been. Having acted on those objective, is a gage of thoughtfulness in itself, so i'm not worried about making a fool of myself with this post.

@flamehead thx worked great.
Tried it out on some of my games.
Generated 347 puzzles from 2384 positions in 500 games.

But I had to tweak it because it took forever, used the following settings


I was aiming for interesting positions more than this is 100% accurate puzzle.

When it comes to Stockfish, I downloaded the developer build which is named stockfish_19120300_x64_modern.exe That didn't work with the program as it expected the name to be stockfish-windows-amd64.exe so I renamed the file and dropped it in the same folder and it worked.

Here is one of the puzzles it created: