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It is a stupid spectacle trying to flag the opponent with K+R vs. K+R. Of course you are not forced to accept or offer a draw. The best solution is increment. All FIDE competitions are with increment now. It is unfortunate that here on lichess tournaments are still without increment.

Best tpr,

It is true that all FIDE competitions continue with an upward trend. Now that I am sitting on this forum and read the story of astromode I thought about my first tournament, well, there you only had thirty seconds on the clock. Then my opponent stuck out his hand, meaning he was offering a draw because he was behind. I was eleven points ahead, because he actually gave away all his pieces, he was not the best.
I thought he was 'obliged' to accept a draw, but I refused, but then he stopped the clock and said this to a coach:

My opponent gives up, now I get a point.

Well, I was completely overwhelmed! So, I think I should have taken that draw, but I had a point less now, while I was very good at it.

Could someone give me some more information about this kind of thing?
thanks in advance

- Jorrit (11 years)

@astromode If onus of draw is on oneself either by 50 move or by 3 fold repetition, then K vs K endgame shouldn't automatically be draw or a game where a side has K but wins on time shouldn't be adjusted as a draw due to insufficient material but rather as win.

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