I know this isn't gonna get to the players I play against, but I have to let some steam out! I make stupid moves all the time, and I misclick, but I would never dare ask for a takeback, it's just not in my DNA, I live with my mistakes. I often lose game after game after game, and then it seems that when I'm finally up a bit in a game the player makes a mistake and begs me for a takeback! I either give it, or say no and explain that I myself live with my mistakes. But I end up feeling like crap either way, get distracted, and often lose my lead and the game. And sometimes the player sticks it to me bc I ended up losing after refusing to give a takeback! People, you're not playing for your souls here, take your losses when you misclick or whatnot and move on!

Haha, @CedricElectric, I am like you. I never request takeback, but I almost always grant them. And I have made the same experience like you. I think: Well I can afford it, I still have a good position, so let him keep that rook he blundered away ... But what happens is: I lose concentration, regret it and finally lose. And you never meet one who at least offers a draw after being saved by my takeback; usually there is no "thanks" in the chatbox either.

And still ... I keep the takeback button enabled because I think: He might have a reason to demand it ... and I am doing it again. Just can't resist ...

Not offering TB is just flat normal and does not make you cool.
Offering TB on error is just flat bad and makes you uncool.

And usual remark - there is no philosophical problem with instant take-backs in slow games though. Fact that they are instant guarantees that they are mouse-slips.

My rule of thumb is if you ask for takeback as soon as you make a move it's a misclick or bad premove, so I'll allow the takeback. Otherwise it's a misclick.

"People, you're not playing for your souls here..."

As usual with these sorts of threads, that can also be a point for the other side. ;)

@CedricElectric That's one reason I play zen mode. I don't even know if they asked for it. I agree with your feelings. If I misclick or blunder away a piece, I just hit resign, and go on to the next game. If I blunder a pawn, I keep playing as a challenge to myself.