Oh no :(

We all make mistakes. I'm certainly not stockfish. The point is not whether I played perfect game.

It is, what is the likelihood that a 1300 player can only make 2 mistakes in 44 moves in a 5 5 game against much stronger opposition without outside help?

@optiyrpiyopi #1

What is the point of your posting actually ? A subtle public accusation ?

Your rating is not active, so we, and you, don't even know that you are really "worth" 2100 classical in the current pool of players.

Also, you lost 124 points, after winning 4 points in 2 short games against the same player before that !

If you suspect your 1300 rated opponent from cheater, you can simply report that player.

If you are sad about losing 124 rating points, then why do you take the risk playing against such lower rated player ?
The way to quickly gain rating points is to win against equally strong players, and to draw or win against stronger ones.

Also, I expect that when your rating is "active", then you would lose less points.

Too many people worry way to much about their rating. Just play chess man.
This guy didn't cheat at all and he didn't play a perfect game.

@achja That's a point well made. In hindsight, I shouldn't have posted anything about this game. No more posts from me on this thread.

I've lost to a 853 rated player before. That was probably around a 1000 rating difference at the time. No, that didn't mean he was cheating,it meant I could play very badly sometimes.(Tired, sleepy, too sure of yourself, whatever...)

And I could pull of around 6-7 games with 0/0/0, so far. Which was mostly against much higher rated players ~ 2100s, because I was a %100 mentally present. If i can pull 0-0-0s, a 1300 can pull 38 avg centipawn loss games, easily.

The thing is with such a gap, lower rated player is !!highly!! motivated to play their best, while u may think u've already won the game and it was just a pass-time.

My concern here is, will we reach a point on lichess such that one shall worry of being accused of cheating, if they play their very best.

The last bit is not targeted to any one individual, I'm just mentioning a nasty but possible spot that we're not in, and I think we won't wanna be.

Why didn't you take his queen on move 30? I know you said time trouble, but you still had 10 seconds to consider...

I do agree though it's slightly suspicious, in that black's move times are very consistent, until moves 28-30, where he takes a lot longer and makes two errors.

But then you can sometimes just have a great game - maybe that's what happened here.

Player reported. Perfect game and then he takes 40 seconds and blunders his queen...

If you suspect someone is cheating then you should send a report to the lichess mods and their account will be judged by people with the proper tools to do so. Please don't use the forums to accuse people of cheating.

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