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  3. Odds of winning on Berserk time controls.

When two players are matched, their ratings are displayed.
When they win, draw or lose they get a rating change.

1. Can we not display that information ahead of time beside the chessboard?
2. Would this not in a way show odds of winning ? If both would have the same increase in rating for a win, then the odds are equal.

The rating difference of the players could then be used as a weight factor to adjust the reduction in time required to even the odds for both players.

As the difference in rating increases, the time of the higher rated player gets decreased proportionally.

Berserk is more of a handicap at lower times than higher ones. Just like being down a piece is more of a big deal with less material on the board than more.

Thanks, ... If a lower rated player presses the Berserk button they are actually reducing their chances in winning the game.
Berserk at the present time has a fixed time odds.
Armageddon has time odds. If Black draws, than it's equal to a win.
What we need is some sort of Berserk that has a selectable time odds. It would be used to handicap the time for fair play. Giving better odds to the lower rated player. I believe this would be the idea situation.

If there is a formula that can automate the feature, it would be great. For now, building a spreed sheet is my aim.

Well, chesscube had something similar. But I like the current way, otherwise you'll have people deliberately lose rating before "important" tournaments to take advantage of that.
Also even if that were not that big of an issue you'd still have plenty of people complaining about it anyway. (see , imagine how much bigger those complaints would be if people actually got rewarded for using a new account to play)