Obsolete thinking

Just disable the chat option in your profile for a more enjoyable environment.

#5 just proves that you are obviously no ounce better than your opponent. As always in such cases. @TheWhiteSkull

I‘m off.

Just report. Is this so hard to understand?


Was about to post how #5 was exactly like his opponent, but @Sarg0n beat me to it. yOu SpInElEsS jElLyFiSh HoW dArE yOu!?!?!?

@NoobBatter , Just to avoid any misunderstanding, I believe that @Sarg0n is one of the most respectable player on this website. I appreciate his style in every aspect, positional and tactic, he's a really nice guy, believe me, and I'm always impressed by his good sense, especially when I read his interesting and pertinent forum posts. There is no way to change my opinion about him. On the other hand, #5 was designed as a sarcastic joke, and @Sarg0n, with his remarkable personality, is always subtle enough to understand such details, that's for sure. And by the way, inn my opinion the jellyfish is a wonderful creature -peaceful, elegant in its movements and sometimes dangerous. I can't find anything offensive about that. Please note that while @Sarg0n is a strong chess player, I consider myself just a chess enthusiast, which I am. Nothing more. Try not to take everything so serious.
Many thanks and have fun, buddy!

P.S. That guy was finally banned, two hours ago. What can I say? Many thanks! And.... Oh, but it gives me such glee! I'm so glad is him and not me! Lol

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