Obsolete thinking

Maybe I'm not fully upgraded about the way things evolve here on Lichess but obviously for some unknown reason I can't understand why this website has 100% tolerance for chat insults. Lol! Or maybe "Accept the draw you weak animal" isn't a insult at all. Who knows? Anyway, as a matter of diversity, I've never been called "mentally weak" or "animal" by such a low rated loser like this poor, innocent individual. Of course I reported him but for some reason he's still whoring around like a maggot.

Rematch offer sent
Rematch offer cancelled
Rematch offer sent
Alex9494You are hust a weak noob
Rematch offer cancelled
Alex9494Accept the draw you weak animal
Alex9494Fck such noobs
TheWhiteSkullPlay on
Alex9494Go fck yourself, you are so weak mentally. 1400 just destroyed you
TheWhiteSkullAnd, by the way, you should ask for a draw, first of all
TheWhiteSkullYou are a much better player than me.
TheWhiteSkullAre you happy now?

If this guy is still chatting because his language is perfectly suitable for Lichess, then according to the same website I am better than 97.7% of you, weak animals. Lol!
Good luck and have fun!

@Sarg0n What's the point of reporting if I did this already (yesterday) and nothing happened? Meanwhile, I assume that words like "animal" and "maggot", in a metaphoric way of speaking, can be used as appreciative, pleasant and respectful.

Just because you reported him and "nothing happened" - I would phrase this as "nothing appeared to have happened" - perhaps he has been flagged internally as a rude player and if he receives more reports then something will happen. I think it would be a bit strict to have a punishment for first-time offenders.

@Sarg0n, you spineless jelly fish, next time when you try to make me understand something just think about the only game you played against me. I'm still +1. Lol

Aye. What did you expect to happen? Instant permaban?
If he really is a first-time offender, the usual procedure is to give him a warning and leave it at that unless he is reported again.

By the way, it's also standard procedure to give voluntary moderators 48 hours to react to reports, anyways, before crying out in public. Their work is a service to all of us, not their actual job.

@ProfDrHack , I didn't even imagine that things like "instant permaban" can be done. But now that you're saying it, looks like a brilliant idea. Why not? <<sed lex dura lex>>. If you can do that for that guy, then please buddy, don't hesitate, show no merci! Lol

Lichess may well be one of (if not the most) respected places for online chess. Carlson's presents in the titled arenas makes quite the statement in itself. Not to mention the unparalleled resources. Giving every tool one could ask for.
And yes it's also free, easy to take for granted, so I try to remind myself that even though this is a community of respectable individuals enjoying a brain workout;

It's also the internet. If you're looking for perfection I wouldn't know what direction to point you in but send me a postcard when you get there.

P.S. As you can see if you check my activity, I always accept draw offers during my casual games. Always, no matter the position or how weak is my opponent. But this particular player didn't ask for anything like that. His choice was a little bit different. Aren't we responsible for our choices?

@TheWhiteSkull Somthing in that perplexing "ps" paragraph gave me a new idea:

You should look up the rules of the game. I think everthing will make sense after that.

Good luck