Number 1 Racing Kings player got banned without a reason?

Hi, I just noticed that my friend civil2000 got banned without any reason just within 24 hours after reaching the first place in Racing Kings. He struggled a lot to get there and played many thousands of games. I have checked his latest games and none of them was even analyzed by an engine and he made a lot of real mistakes in all of them, confirming that he was playing as a human without using an engine. If he is too good to be here and/or you do not like him to be the leader on Lichess, please let us all know, so I abandon this place and play chess somewhere else. I would not support a chess site where players are getting discriminated because of their age, their skin color, their nationality, their religion or whatever characteristic that might be "unwanted" for the site administrator!

There are never any immoral or disgraceful reasons for banning someone. Don't get started with conspiracy theories. If Lichess bans for cheating, it's because they think the person cheated.

Just because he was Nr 1 in Racing Kings and spent a lot of time with Racing Kings, doesn't mean the ban was from Racing Kings.

You can't "confirm" anywhere that no engine or assistance was used - might also have been in a smart way, by chance.

It may also not be due to his latest games - potentially markworthy activity can date back to days and weeks.

No matter what a kind of person they are and no matter how much they played or what they've done before, cheating is always possible.

You don't need to agree with Lichess - just don't take their innocence for granted either, just bc he's your friend and you like him.

I've been fooled a lot in my history at Lichess.

But this is really a case where there was no cheating at all! And it is really very very suspicious that on the day he finally reaches number one after several months of struggling, he got banned without a reason!

I am sorry, but the coincidence is just way too suspicious and only can lead any logically thinking person to conclude that this is a case of pure manipulation and unfairness. Why should we keep playing here??? Do you understand the damage this decision will cause to this site? This means the beginning of the end of this site or of online chess.

Until you do not examine this case in detail and restore my friend, I will stop playing here, and will also tell my other friends to stop playing here.

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Why oh why does somebody always have to scream in the shrillest voice possible, ‘discrimination’, to deflect attention from the real issue?

Logically thinking now means that we just have to accept that there are powerful people "selecting" the favorite players in each competition. That ́s a reason why humanity is stuck on this planet without improving and why we are still having corruption, discrimination, poverty, climatic catastrophes, terrorist attacks and even wars! It all starts with this form of unjustified suppression of real talents!

Well, if there is no real reason for banning a player, there must be an "unreal" reason. That ́s discrimination of whatever kind!

A streamer got banned, it was found and proven that they cheated and lied, but they still have ties to other streamers, I got banned from his community and was unmodded and bullied at his friend's channel because I told the truth, and I can't ever show the truth to his people because they're so blind and ignorant to facts. Querdenkers!

That's the true manipulation right here.

There's a reason for the ban even though you can't see it. And your friend can use

Just suck it up, this thread will be locked anyway once a mod sees it and if you want to leave spitefully, then good riddance.

Ok, the end of online chess is here! See you in another universe.

Also I think that it is the obligation of Lichess to show us all the game where my friend cheated! There is no evidence! Only manipulation!

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