Another type of bad sport who is really humorous and foolish. When the game was reduced to my queen and several pawns against his lone king, he proposes a "nulle" (a draw since we were communicating in French). After I refused the draw, he then let his remaining two minutes run down, until about ten seconds, when he made another move, with the hope, I guess, that I had walked away or gone to sleep or had a stroke or heart attack.
Just for the fun of it, I added additional time to his clock. Not sure if he noticed.
The human psyche under this surface astounds me. He dreads losing so intensely, that he tries every desperate measure to avoid it or delay it. With the ratings and pairing system, you are going to play against people of fairly equal skill, you are going to lose about half the time, more or less.
If you can't accept it. Don't play.
That's one reason Fischer quit. He knew he had hit the peak, so the future would hold some hard defeats. So, don't play.
Was it Rueben Fine wrote the "chess is a game with considerable ego involvement"

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