No time for long control games

Hi everyone,
Since I want to improve in chess, I will begin to play longer time controls and stop blitz for now. I will continue to practice puzzles
But I have a problem. I don't really have time to play any long control games except for Friday where I have a weekly tournament. Is this going to impact my improvement in chess?

If you manage to play 3-4 rapid games per week, it's not going to harm, I see no problem in playing less as I am doing pretty much the same thing and I haven't had a problem as such...
One thing you should do is probably, get hand of 1-2 games in weekdays and 1 game each on weekends.
On other days, solve 10 puzzles, go over a short video by Saint Louis Chess Club or John Bartholomew on YouTube and 1 master game (annotated is better but if you don't find one you can select a game and study it yourself)
You can find annotated games at .

All the best, I hope it helps :)

If you need to practice more, I'm afraid one day a week isn't likely to cut it.

The tournament is on Friday which is the only time I can play a tournament like this.
The time control for that is 15+10 and 5 rounds.
For the rest of the days, I will just practice puzzles or study depending on the time I have
If I don't have time for the day then I will just practice tommrow

I've always been told to study annotated master games to improve, apart from playing,but I never really understood how to learn from them, since my chess memory is not that good. I would appreciate any tips!

If you learn little in your first study of an Annotated Game, you will learn more the next time you study the same game. It's the same thing when you read a chapter of a textbook. You learn more after reading the second time and more in the third time.