Next opening to study

I've been playing the Queen's Gambit and The London as white. Caro-Kahn as black.

Is there an obvious one to look at next?

I'm not a good player and find it helps to have a bit of a system in the opening so I can get to the middle game without losing too much time thinking. I like to play 3+2...


caro-kann is not good for you ( for advanced players

"Is there an obvious one to look at next?"
No, stick to your guns. You then accumulate experience and get better.

"I'm not a good player. I like to play 3+2."
If you are not good and want to get better, then it helps to play slower time control: classical or rapid and then thoroughly analyse your lost games.

"it helps to have a bit of a system in the opening so I can get to the middle game without losing too much time thinking."
This is a curious mindset. You should on the contrary play the opening slowly and build up a position you understand. You can speed up towards the end, especially if you play with increment, by itself a good idea. Top grandmasters use up all their time by move 30 if they play increment. They finish the games just on increment. Thinking in the opening is not a loss of time, it is time well invested to better understand the middle game and end game that is to result from it.

Look in your chess insights and pick the one you lose the least.

I like for White 1d4, 2 Nf3 3 e3 often leading to the Colle System with Bd3. With Black against 1d4 I like 1...Nf6, 2...e6, 3...d5 often leading to the Queen's Gambit Declined. Note the same moves for Black and White. Therefore against 1 e4 it is only natural to play 1...e6 followed by 2...d5 and many times 3...Nf6. You will soon be expert at this kind of pawn structure and your game will improve as you learn the typical plans and ideas.

jeezus......thinking of getting back into chess, and dreading learning (and memorizing, tbf) openings.... i got people using vienna, italian, ruy lopez, alekhine, pirc.... i actually don't know if the pirc is white or black's choice.... i just have a friend who uses it. and london - oh, and can i forget that can of worms???? but i play the alapin against that.

well, if there are 'systems' that are suggested as viable, i may check those out. oh, i don't have a ready response for d4, and i'm 1301 uscf.... used to play caro khan or such against d4, don't care for it, have been considering the KID........but that's supposed to be very book intensive?

actually, maybe i'll just practice on the captcha's..... this one stumped me.....i was afraid i wouldn't be able to post!

You have to proceed systematically if you want to obtain some solid progress. Start with 1. a3 analyzing all possibilities 20 moves deep and then continue by alphabetic order (1. a4, 1. b3 etc) until you reach 1. Nh3. Once you have mastered openings you are ready to start with basic tactics.

Are you sure Caro-Kann is too advanced? Seems to be a solid and easy way to get into a game as black... just play 1. c6 2. d5 take with d5 if you can, get the bishop to f5 then pawn to e6. Like the London but for black...

I appreciate the advice from such a highly rated player. Will look into it. Looks like the London but with the bishop trapped inside the pawn chain...



3. e5! or capablanca variton
variton do you know ?