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  3. new trophies

we need something that has an effect like the zug miracle was

Ooooh!!! How about this,
The Streak Trophy

Win 500 rated games in a row against people.
They can't have 100+ less rating than you.

Here's an easy challenge that's not super hard.
Guess the song. Only 5 different notes.
B A G# G# A B B A G# A F#
A G# F# F# G# A A G# F# G# E

Good idea

100 games in a row. -200 rating, more realistic.

Maybe win 100 bullet games in a row in official tournaments. You must berserk every game.

So its clear, I will never win a trophy!

Nah, too easy. Many people have done that already. 500 games.
131 games streak.
106 games streak.
107 games streak.
362 games streak.
200 games streak.

This should be a trophy only a few can get.
Maybe 400, but 500 looks more rounded or something.
Also, @Darksouls , you will get one if you try for 1000 hours.

My best streak is 9!!!!
My biggest losing streak is 126 in Ultrabullet,
120 against Stockfish AI Level 1.

@StevenEmily with berserk? #16

no, but against real people

No but that is top players destroying much lower rated players.

And your second example is a bot.

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