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It all depends on talent. A gifted player can start at age 30 and still reach IM or even GM level. A player without talent can try for years and years and never get beyond rating 1600.

Might be too late to be an IM.
But you can still be a good player though.
There's only a way you can find out.
Try :)

@tpr I disagree with your post... Yes, there are outliers to consider: ' A gifted player can start at age 30 and still reach IM or even GM level' ... that is a true statement. // ' A player without talent can try for years and never get beyond rating 1600'... that is sort of true, ( Although I find 'talent' to be a somewhat vague and ambiguous factor. ) // And as for your declarative statement: ' It all depends on talent.' ... How can you declare that it all depends on talent, and cite two outliers as support for your declaration? And what is 'talent' anyways? Most good chess players get there through hard work and a love for the game... talent has little to do with it.

If it means anything, I think anyone can become a 2000+ if they work hard and are motivated enough.

Name 3 players who genuinely started playing in their 30s and reached GM?

What is talent? It is not memory: Reshevsky had a bad memory but was very talented. Talent probably is an ability for deep and sustained concentration, logical thought, fighting spirit...
Dad Polgar claimed he could turn any young kid into a top chess player. So he denied talent and stressed age.
I agree most good chess players got there by hard work and love for the game.
However some love the game and put hard work and good money into it and get nowhere at all.

Theoretically many things are possible. In 30 years of chess I met noone who became FM starting from scratch in his twenties.

It is a common trolling question, that works. But becoming IM - try to run the 100 meters below 11s. That’s easier.

mikhail chigorin started playing chess seriously around 23 to 24 years old...

howard staunton started playing chess seriously around 26 years of age...

It's possible to win world senior championship and get the grandmaster title. There are some senior tournaments that award international master titles to winners. The ones who start young, can win gender and age restricted events and get titled. There are very low rated titled players who earned their titles in such events.

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