New to the game

hey everyone, this might sound stupid, but im 30 years old and just now finding out how big the chess community really is. my question is: is it too late for me now being that im 30, to train and harness a skillset in this game to be competitive?

- define "competitive"
- visit a local chess club

i suppose what i mean by "competitive" is that I would like to become at least an IM one day.

Yeah, you might want to go ahead and give up on that aspiration right about now. Sorry to burst your bubble.

@seankjv1611 If you are willing to invest 20 to 30 hours a week playing rated games, doing tactics, endgame training, post-game analysis, studying chess books, etc. - you'll have a decent chance of reaching expert level in ten years time. // ( expert level: 2100- 2200 rating ) // Good luck.

@hangrad A few years ago, when I first started playing chess, I did some online-research... there was a study done by psychologist types and they found that on average a beginning chess player, ( starting out as an adult ), can achieve expert level... 10 years was the average with 3 to 4 hours a day invested in playing and training. Book training is a very important component to success. ( My post was not meant to be an exact calculation... just a sober guesstimate. )

@seankjv1611 I started at 27 and played everyday. No you won't become IM even if you train everyday (unless you are some genius savant type). But you definitely could become 'competitive'. @Celestial_Object is right.