new elo record or not

I believe Penguin has gotten above 3100 before. However, what I find odd is that Kuuhaku's bullet rating mysteriously went up 200 points between games today, that seems like an unlikely boost from a points refund.

Penguin had 3196 a while ago:

What I don't understand: In his first game against DrSHS Kuuhaku had a rating of 3012
In 22 games he lost to 2874 (-138 points) and then got a refund of 200 points when DrSHS was reported as a cheater. Why is the refund bigger than the actual loss?


refund bigger than net loss cause he won games, all the LOST games are refunded, so the total lost points is bigger than the net change

The rating deviation is getting bigger and bigger :) already at 122.18 with almost 800 games played.

GLICKO2 RATING: 3128.13. (provisional)
Progression over the last twelve games: 14. Rating deviation: 122.18.

On an other note: Who is this? How can he win berserked hyper bullet games and almost never loses?

rating deviation is bigger cause he plays almost no games with equal strength player

He's not even on the leaderboard anymore in bullet because his rating has returned to provisional. This is because virtually all of his recent games, bar a few in hourly arenas (and there he has several recent losses to players in the 2200-2500 range), have been against either cheaters or players rated many, many hundreds of points lower than him. He does not even gain ratings points for most of these games. Either he will never lose the provisional status, or he will play tougher opponents and inevitably his rating will drop.

But he no doubt has a screenshot of his profile showing himself as No. 1 in bullet, which is surely all he was after. Maybe he wishes he had stopped playing now. A lesson for everyone else in why it's best not to worry too much about the leaderboards.

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