new chess quiz game!

also, you should show me my score (the one that shows up on the leaderboard)

Nice game, I gave it a try. I learned a few nice endgame tactics/concepts by doing them. A few suggestions:

- Let us know immediately if we got the last problem correct or not.
- Do you pull the games from lichess? If you do, it would be nice to get a link to the games after you've answered. I found that I'd like to have a extra look / confirm my lines on multiple occasions, and setting up the bord in the board editor takes quite a while.
- Filter out the most obvious endgames (e.g. R+K vs. K, Q+K vs. K etc.)

hey @stelli, thanks a lot for the feedback!

-- I agree that immediate feedback would be more engaging. for the analysis we're trying to use the answers for, it's much better if there is less feedback. I'm working on a version with feedback though (including what the blunder was), which will hopefully be even more engaging.
-- I pull the games from FICS, but could get them from lichess too... adding a link would be a great idea.
-- yeah, these can be less fun, I totally agree. i will update that in the next version.

Nice one. Slightly addictive but I'll manage :P

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