new chess quiz game!

hey everyone, I developed a new type of chess quiz game where you are given two simple positions from real online games and you have to guess in which position white is about to make a blunder. it's surprisingly fun, and it's a game-with-a-purpose: your answers help us better understand the predictability of human mistakes.

give it a try and let me know what you think!

I smell Bootstrap! :-)

It was fun, but there were so many simple endgames with just one or two pieces that it became boring and trivial quickly.

On the site: "...developed by researchers at Microsoft Research, Cornell University, and Harvard University"

Somehow I doubt this, just a little.

hey thanks for trying it! I agree, the simple endgames can be trivial sometimes. it's often still hard to predict the blunder, but maybe it's not as fun.

"Somehow I doubt this, just a little."

haha, i could see that, but it's true!

this game is actually pretty fun. it'd be cool if you could see the blunders people played

can you make the leaderboard longer (or at least show me my rank)?

@Chesswhiz, oh yeah, that smells excatly like jumbotron with sucess button, bootstrap input and footer :D.

btw, quite a nice idea, though could be more entertaining

Best approach with these positions may be to answer "Where is it impossible to blunder" and then click the other one. Worked well for me.

ha, you guys caught me... yes I used bootstrap, but hey it's my first web app :)

@sakram07, any feedback on what you found entertaining and what you didn't would be great! I'll do more iterations and see what the best version is.