new cheaters

It seems to me that in recent months there has been an explosion of cheaters and lichess does nothing?

I think with the lockdown we have seen a lot of new folks on here - and of course, that influx means we've accrued some folks who don't believe in fair play. However, I also believe - based on my own experience - that reporting people appropriately does get those accounts banned. Cheating is a problem on every single online chess site, but compared to anywhere else I've played Lichess is the best. Just keep reporting folks that are obviously cheating, and we will get there :)

I have reported many people, almost all new players, with many 0-mistake games.
But none of these have been banned. All geniuses? Does Lichess have a program it controls?

@FG52 Yes Lichess has very sophisticated means to detect cheaters, off course it happens to me too that "Carlsen" and "Kramnik" sometimes pop up as my opponents. Just report them. If there is not enough information now because they haven't played enough games etc. then surely Lichess will ban them in the nearby future (and your report might play a role in this). I didn't really notice this Cheater-Tsunami everybody is complaining about but then perhaps in rapid and at my humble rating level it isn't that much of a problem as for example in blitz.

Yes there are some cheaters in the game we have to do the same as Ruslan said.

It might be worth keeping in mind that a lot of the new members may actually be very good at chess these days. They're just flocking to online play because it's not possible to play otb.

Also, Lichess has vastly better means to detect whether someone cheats or not than one person's biased opinion. I think it's fair to assume that if you report someone and no action is taken, then they're probably not cheating. Which in fact is a good thing.

I spent ten minutes looking through your last set of games - it honestly doesn't look like you're being buried under a tsunami of cheaters. Just keep reporting them and remember the system takes time.

I think there are a lot of false positives in cheat detection, at,, and other online chess sites. That is very serious, in a democratic and free system. I think the presumption of innocence is being violated.
To safeguard this basic principle of democracy perhaps it would be good to adopt the following plan:
1.- Warning.
2.- Temporary closure of the account.
3.- Final closure of the account.
Thus, the player's account would be monitored, allowing the player to modify his behavior if he is not playing fair, and would minimize false positives. That method would help preserve the presumption of innocence.
For all these reasons, I would suggest an amnesty for all closed accounts, for example for the strongest players, who are the most affected by false positives.
Perhaps complaints should not be free, there should be a fee, an economic cost for the complainant, which would be returned to him if he was right.
If Magnus Carlsen's games were analyzed with existing cheat detection tools, what would be the verdict: guilty or innocent of cheating? If the system cannot detect that Magnus is human, I cannot trust that system.
I think there is no foolproof cheat detection system. As long as there is reasonable doubt, no one should be punished.

@MaIsGaMe Is that why you stopped playing at lichess since the beginning of 2019 and if so, where do you play now where there is no danger of a "lot of false positives" ?

I personally do not really believe in a "lot of false positives" I think that's exactly one of the reasons why some players whom we percieve to be cheaters are not banned after we report them, the evidence might not be conclusive yet. Also I find it difficult to believe that at the lower levels of chess anyone really suffers from undemocratic behaviour at Lichess because they constantly get banned for nothing

@Pandukht Do you really think and were never wrong and punished a player who plays fair?
I hope it never happens to you, especially if chess is your profession.

I hate cheating, but I hate injustice even more.
In my opinion, a false positive is an injustice, it is a punishment for an innocent person.
It is damage against a person's honor.