Nepomniatchi's Scotch

Don't expect Scotch really because there could be some long forcing lines which Magnus might be very well prepared for. Some flexible offbeat-opening without lots of games seems more likely to me.

@jesgluckner said in #8:
> they have every major opening analysed to death
> this isnt 2200 lichess level, this is the WCC dude

One of the things that I find quite interesting about super-GM chess is the way that a lot of the sharpest openings actually seem to be considered drawish because large parts of the immediate explosion of tactics have been analyzed all the way through to a perpetual or a big exchange into a dead endgame.

For instance, although the Berlin is considered to be hard to beat, the "ultra sharp" Marshall actually has a higher proportion of draws in the Lichess masters database.

It's kind-of interesting that Magnus' two wins so far have come from openings that most club players and lower-level masters would consider to be lacking bite, but which consequently got the players out-of-book relatively early on...

I'm genuinely not sure what Nepo is going to do now, though. Getting +2 from the remaining six games seems totally unrealistic, but is he going to turtle up and play it safe to minimize his losses or is he going to go down fighting and probably lose more games as a result?

I agree with the idea of kings gambit. Some crazy gambit sounds like a very realistic way for nepo to win. AFAIK magnus is not really used to facing sharp gambits, he is known for playing solid positions in a exceptionally solid way not for being able to deal with crazy swashbuckling chess. I can see him legitimately blundering in some super complicated position.

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