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  1. Forum
  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. My take on players "letting flag going down"

A player has every right to do this. It is his time and not anyone else. No player should be discriminated for letting his clock fall for trying to find a move "in hopeless position" looking for something in position. If player not like this they should play faster chess. This is why 1 minute and 3 minute are most popular online chess time controls. I find it almost a discrimination to criticize player for "letting his clock fall" by the last lichess warning I got when I actually made a move but server not that great so it never even registered!!! The warning should be removed and unsportsmanlike to tell player how to use his time in 3 minute chess. I have every right to have think in 3 minute game. Save those warning for slow games not blitz THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

Bothering other people is against the terms of service.

If there is a pattern it is considered „bothering“. Thank you lichess, ban’em all! Don’t discuss.

PS: Warnings are harmless and could be ignored. No pattern, no bothering, no measure.

I find it annoying to have to wait for my opponent's flag to fall--wasting minutes of my important time. Normally when this happens, I wish there was a button I could press to express my feelings.

If I received a dollar everytime this topic came into discussion, I'd be rich.

If I received a dollar everytime one of those threads actually changed something, I'd be bankrupt.

@fearlessone , you're wasting your time, you want to remove something that most players agree with. Well, it won't happen.

Imagine an OTB tourney with time control 90+30. After blundering his queen after 10 moves your opponent decides to sit down 80min. You think that's ok?

#5 Players have the right to use their time how they see fit, so I actually don't see a problem with using all your time in a obviously losing position. Although, I assume no one would do that in every game.

I think letting your flag fall instead of resigning should be punishable only if you consistently do that in almost every game.

@lovlas what happens in this situation OTB? I know the majority would resign, not being an imoral person.

@lovlas he is being a jerk, but not against the rules.

@Ard-galen @savagechess2k

This is ridiculous, taking @lovlas's situation, what would I, the player who is winning, be meant to do? Wait 80 mins? Resign the game so I can leave?

I don't accept having to wait extra time just because my opponent is a sore loser and doesn't want to accept that I won so he just refuses to do anything like a little kid.

All this talk about being able to use your time however you want is nonsense. Sure, you can use your time to do productive thinking and make moves, but otherwise that's just egoistic. What about MY time?!? Because it's MY time you're wasting when you're using yours by sitting and doing nothing.

no single persons time is better than anyone else's. If a player decides to let their time run out 80 min otb thats on them and it reflects the type of person they are. You should be allowed to talk smack to them the whole 80 minutes and meet ya out back for some chess boxing. It sucks when they do online but at least in real life you see the demon face to face and rebuke it.

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