My Rank

I need some advanced GM to test me out, i am really good at chess.
i used to read books alot,
well a 5 min match wont hurt.

all i wanted to say is that i need someone to rate me.
we all do friend

his profile says FIDE rating: 2697
hes very close to Super GM

So what if it says 2697?
His rating on Lichess is slightly above 1000 points.

yeah i have to agree. Regardless of your fide rating, your lichess rating is horrible compared to your "Fide Rating."

It's not a real FIDE rating, to begin with. You would stop gaining rating points long before 2697 if you weren't playing at the level required to acquire norms. So, either you're a GM, or you put in an arbitrary number. (2500+ IMs are a rare, but possible breed while 2697+ untitled players are fictional). Either way, whether you subscribe to my backstory or not, I was never a Super-GM and therefore based on your criteria, I cannot help you. Here's a few pointers.

1. Stick to chess, not variants. Whether variants help some people or not is their own prerogative, but not at your level.

2. Keep up the tactics training and perhaps throw in some more targeted learning like Chessable or similar (CT-ART was what I gave my students long ago, but I feel it is a bit dated in comparison).

3. Play longer time controls. At around 1000, you don't have the opening principles or tactical prowess and would more likely freeze or blunder than checkmate your opponent. At least 30-minute games to really think about what each move accomplishes, what it gives you, what it gives your opponent, and the mobility/functionality of your pieces. How are they coordinating to achieve the plan you set?

4. Chances are, you will be making it to the endgame more frequently, so really study those.

5. Don't pay attention to what the engine tells you unless you understand what the engine is telling you, and definitely don't always take the engine's word that a move is best in a given position. Let's take an example from your last game.

You play Be2??, and the computer recommends Be4 as the best move. Why? Your move escaped capture and you allowed the queen and rook vision of the d4 pawn. What you needed was control over the d5 square. Doesn't it just look like a great place for your pawn to be? Well, Be2?? just allows Qd5 and now black's most influential piece occupies one of the most central squares, all while blocking your own d5 push. Your own d5 push would fork the knight and light square bishop to which black must respond with a series of trades to avoid material loss. With Be4, you're still not out of the woods, but you're forcing black's hand: Bd5 (that square is crucial). At your level, I think you can see this. Now, the nuance of whether to trade the bishop immediately or not after Bd5 is a bit more complex, and that is a move I wouldn't blame you for, especially in blitz. But I would be really proud if you tried to bamboozle your opponent with Qh6. I'm envisioning a line where they go for Nb3+ and forget to defend it because blitz and you come around with the snag via Qf4-Qc4+ But now I'm just daydreaming here.

Moral of the story, learn to think slow before you think fast. What is your plan? What are your opponent's threats that can impede that plan?

@FeistySnail thank you for this great display of why being able to copy engine moves from 1 window to another doesn't mean you understand anything about chess. Best of luck on your journey to super GM !