Hello! Here is a blitz game i just won with the white pieces. The reason i show you all this game is because in all the 49 moves i played i did not make a single mistake or blunder, only 8 inaccuracies which is a great achievement for a rookie player in a blitz game. Also. I am proud of the way i played a tight endgame because i am weak in endgames. So just how the GOD's have placed magnus in the endgame, I played a good endgame as well. Enjoy:)

It's a solid win but I think "MAGNUS CARLSEN game" may be an exaggeration; once your opponent blundered a piece it was easy peasy.

yeap, Magnus Carlsen game is pure exaggeration. It is hard to tell that middlegame or endgame was tight, since you had over +5 advantage since move 12 :) if you would get some +0.9 and then grinded it over middlegame and through endgame to the win without blunders and mistakes, then yes, such a game where you squeeze water from stone is indeed Magnus Carlsen game. Where most people see draws, he sees chances to win.
So I know it is fine to hit such a low avcpl, but in so much winning position, that number doesn't tell as much as you would like to read from it. Nevertheless congratulations, will be waiting for real Magnus Carlsen game done by you ;)

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