My First Ever OTB after playing chess for 2 years

Oh yeah, and another important thing: try getting all those variants out of your mind first!

So I be sharing the result of day 1
The OTB tournament consists of 9 rounds out of those 5 were played today,
In which my score was 3/5
Pretty good for me
As it's my First time I enjoyed a lot, played different openings
And the thing i was sad about was the 3rd game
Basically I had 4 pawns left and 2 rooks whereas my opponent's king was kinda packed and i was trying to double the rooks, my hand got slipped and it landed on a square where the opponent's queen was there.
What was to be done then?
A drawn game was lost..

After the game i contacted my friend and he said if we slip the rook on any square, we can put it anywhere... If we have not done pressed the clock
I was so sad because i could have kept it anywhere but little me doesn't knows about these rules as it was my first tournament...

Though i learnt a lesson and wouldn't do that again!

So thats it guys..
I would be posting the final result tomorrow as well!
Thank you!

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Since its first OTB for you, you shouldn't worry more and will learn some things by experience.
When your hand slipped and that rook issue, why didn't you call arbiter on the spot arbiter and clear the air? He would have told same thing.
Nevertheless, don't worry about things that have become past, just think about future games.
And I forgot to inform you about scoresheet. They offer scoresheet where one can write moves they play. And I forgot to tell that you should take it so that you can analyse games later using the moves which would really help.
And 3/5 isn't bad score to start some OTB tournament. 4 more rounds to go.
All the best for tomorrow!

Hey all!
Am here to tell you the final result (With no joy)
So in the last 4 rounds,
Out of 4 my score was 2.5/4
I scored a point in the first game against an unrated fide rated player,, pretty easy game
In second game of today i then faced a 1100 Fide rated player which resulted in draw..
In third game I won against a 1200 FIDE rated player... With a very nice position and a bishop sacrifice!

Here comes the last sad fourth game. In which I play as white against the SICILIAN (worst for me)
I hate Sicilian and so do my tactics,,
My tactics dont work against Sicilian idk why..
And i lost a drawn game at the end! :(

Before the fourth game, my rank was 25( in the category of prizes, top 25)
But after the fourth game i shattered and my rank was 37:(
My opponent of the fourth game had taken my position and I didn't get any trophy!

But enjoyed making friends a lot!
Fun experience..
Could have been better if i got the trophy!
Anyways since it was the very first tournament of mine, i will not be complaining...
Thank you! The end

So, your total score is 5.5/9
Were there only top 3 awards or any special as well?
Don't say 'I hate Sicilian' that's kinda excuse but make sure to learn theory against Sicilian as it is very common and strongest opening by Black.
You must have written moves in your pad and now you should thoroughly analyse last game and understand where you went wrong.
Also, analyse the drawn game and see if there was better move that gives something more than draw.
Since it was your first tournament, I won't be saying much about it but it has definitely laid foundation for future OTB tournaments.
You would have definitely loved the experience and atmosphere though!

There were trophies for top 25- open category..
And top 25 girls

The 1st and 2nd got to visit Kolkata where all the GMs are coming for the FIDE Olympiad!
.very lucky!