My answer to those letting the clock run when they're totally lost: is it too passive aggressive?

If there is no rating floor, how can you compare strength of two very weak players who always lose to you but never play each other?

If there's two terrible players rated 800 I can't tell by looking at that who's worse but if it was, say on with no rating floor then I can easily see, one is 750 the other is 600 or whatever.

@scheckley666: No, I didn't realize. I've only ever played one game at a time here, and didn't realize it would let you play multiples. That puts a damper on this.

Ya crosseye, I agree with Rubeesh (#8) and as sheckley (above) is kind of showing you, just get out of those games as quick as possible.

I also agree with poor winston smith that you're no Patzer and you shouldn't think that. It's a cop out. If you look at the rating stats your 1900 puts you at the 90th percentile. The top 10% of players. What do you think about the rest of us then?

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