Muppets who cant resign.

Playing until checkmate is allowed. Each player has the right to use the given 25 minutes from the start of the game. While it is annoying and bad sportsmanship, it isn’t cheating. You could’ve done some multitasking or maybe even started a new game (if its allowed on lichess). If a player consistently does this, they may be temporarily banned for “letting their time run out”.

Ok cheating is a bad choice of words, but if you gain rating points through bad sportsmanship then you are as bad as a cheater

There are many on here that do.

When people do this to me in hour+ games, I generally just bring up YouTube in another tab and Lichess will alert me if they make a move. Titus has a point. Multitasking is allowed as long as it doesn't have anything to do with your current game. Also I'm not sure that you can play multiple games at once outside of a simul or having correspondence games going on and playing others as well. I know on you can play multiple games at once with a paid subscription or free diamond level from having a title.

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