Mouse vs. Touchscreen

Does anyone else find it significantly easier to play games using a touchscreen than with a mouse? In other words, in terms of pure reflex response (let's say, a game of whack-a-mole).. tapping the screen requires less cognitive processing.. it's more direct. Seems like it would make a difference for faster games.

At first, it seems like using a mouse really had a bigger advantage than the screen but as i got used to the screen, the advantage doesn't really seems great and I often thought the screen could be better due to the reasons you've stated.

Although, premoving is really better with mouse. (if someone used with mouse battles with someone used with screen).

I used mainly screen for now, by the way.

I actually prefer the touch screen. I don't have an amazing mouse so in bullet, it is quite useful that I can move my hand across the board very quickly, while a mouse may take more time.

I have to agree with all the reasons previously stated. However, there i something about using a mouse that i cant quite put a finger on. Maybe its fun? :p

I prefer the mouse. Moving the mouse for 1 centimeter is easier than moving your hand across the screen.

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