Mixer vs Twitch???

Hi everyone

So I am very interested in starting streaming on Mixer (for those of you who do not know what Mixer is, google it)
I have been closely watching the moves they are making to slowly start breaking into the Live streaming platform game and they are making some big moves by buying up huge streamers from twitch. They are a Microsoft company and obviously have a lot of money in order to be serious about this fight vs Twitch.
Currently there is 0 chess being streamed on mixer, which either means it has no chance or you can see this as a chance for us as Lichess (note streamers cannot stream on mixer because has a partnership with twitch) streamers to start our own chess community on mixer. If they are going to grow and eventually rival twitch then now is a great time to jump in and get the ball rolling.
That being said, the only real way we can even consider this attempt at moving over to mixer is if Lichess makes it a platform we can stream to (being able to still be featured on the front page of Lichess, but actually be streaming via mixer).
Now of course naturally Lichess has 0 incentive (and rightfully so) to put in the effort and work to give us this option if there is no chess on mixer etc.
So my question to you guys as streamers and viewers are what do you think of this idea of starting our own streaming community on mixer?
P.S. Pay attention to all the extra features you guys as viewers have of interacting and supporting the streamers on mixer absolutely for free by just being an active viewers. Also note that Mixers servers are a lot better, so for those of you who struggle to stream on twitch (quality wise) might find a much better experience on mixer.


i like the idea and am not opposed to it entirely. however as a small time chess streamer who just recently started out i wud be hesitant to make the switch over to mixer at the cost of losing the community (small as it may be) that i have managed to grow on my stream at twitch in the past few months. i think the same wud apply to quite a few other streamers who feel along the same lines.

This is of course a very good point. But from what i have heard (asked my own viewers) most of the them seem to not mind joining me on mixer. And the potential for growth i feel at this point (especially for smaller streamers) on a different platform is better than on twitch where there are so many (and so many more every day) streamers popping up, not to mention the massive fight vs all the streamers.
But thank you very much for the reply @Art-Vega :)
Btw @Art-Vega i have a tip or 2 for you to solve some of your streams noise issues, PM me and ill sort you out!

For what it's worth, I will watch you wherever you go. I don't even have an account on Mixer, but if you start streaming there, an account I shall make.

i'm a big fan of twitch and follow half a dozen chess streamers there and havent really checked out mixer yet.

However it's a Sunday night at 7:19pm pacific time, and i typed in 'chess' into Mixer's game browser and there's not a single channel with more than 0 viewers with several dozen games that it found related to 'chess'.... i'm not partial to the platform and will follow the streamer where they go, but right now it feels desolate on mixer.

@yakuzaronin it's similar on many of the games there, that's why microsoft is putting money in to lure people on the plattform. in the chess case: one has to be the first - and without an advertisement it is not easy. that's why he's asking
@MoustachioMario yes

As a viewer, I like the idea, and I'm ready to switch at any time if my favorite streamers switch too (who are most of the time small community streamers)

Chess streamers and followers are a close knit community with a lot of shared viewer base between lichess and chess com. Word of mouth spreads fast , but it will take time. Probably you will can try to do some collabs between other popular lichess streamers for first few times and see how it goes. And i dont think its really a big issue for lichess to support mixer its rather if mixer exposes its api properly to other platforms. I like some of mixer's ideas and dont mind the change of scenery personally