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  3. maybe good couter with black ?

This day i did a really strange defense in a good game - really unbelievable - and says it was" Van Kruiju Opening" ? --> Reini`s Defense could be a better Name - how can i post this game ?

You just post the link, like this:

Thank you for Support - and your opinion about this way of Defense ?

My opinion? I'll have to give it an actual look, but until white blundered 3 times in a short span at the end, the odds were not in your favor according to the computer.

BigGreenShrek edited #5

Objectively speaking, it's quite bad. You move too many pawns, do not develop, and in general break many standard opening rules of thumb.

looks like a bullet opening

The game should be named Reinis evergreen at least.

maybe i did. But look at my strong midfield in the midgame Sure, at the end i could do better. I tried this counter, because of the funny (in my opinion strange) e3-opening of the Opponent.

If white didn't play as slow of an opening as he did, or didn't blunder the game away, you'd be hurting bad much sooner.