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  3. maybe good couter with black ?

This day i did a really strange defense in a good game - really unbelievable - and says it was" Van Kruiju Opening" ? --> Reini`s Defense could be a better Name - how can i post this game ?

You just post the link, like this:

Thank you for Support - and your opinion about this way of Defense ?

My opinion? I'll have to give it an actual look, but until white blundered 3 times in a short span at the end, the odds were not in your favor according to the computer.

Objectively speaking, it's quite bad. You move too many pawns, do not develop, and in general break many standard opening rules of thumb.

looks like a bullet opening

The game should be named Reinis evergreen at least.

maybe i did. But look at my strong midfield in the midgame Sure, at the end i could do better. I tried this counter, because of the funny (in my opinion strange) e3-opening of the Opponent.

If white didn't play as slow of an opening as he did, or didn't blunder the game away, you'd be hurting bad much sooner.