Luck in Chess

Between two novices, luck could be the 100%. As the players get more skilled, the luck percentage drops, until you reach the above 2800 crowd when luck is less than 1%.

"A good player is always lucky." -- Capablanca. However, this is an easy way to say the a good player reduces the luck element and replaces it with knowledge, talent, and technique. Some luck is still present as Susan Polgar jokingly said, "I never won a game against a healthy man."

#11 cool Susan Polgar found she could hi-jack Tartakowers quote..
We are all lucky to play some chess.

Why do you all downvote @C4to? He/she is technically right...

It's just that our blindfolded humanness is unable to register that.

I don't think there is luck in chess, but when I lose every excuse is useful xD

There is luck. No dice on the game but there is dice in your head. If normal person is given same situation about two days apart with same amount of thinking he quite often come up with diffferent move. Because you brains does not follow same paths

Also with random opponenent sometimes the opponent goes into variation you like better and finding good moves are easier. I probably win with white way more in reversed sicilian than against any other version of english. so thats luck when it goes that way

"I don't believe in luck, I believe in good moves."
-Baby Fischer :-)

I like the 'luck inversely proportional to skill level' theory. For me, at my level, I'd say luck is 50%.