Luck in Chess

How many percent do you think luck affects in chess? Do you consider yourself as a lucky player or not?

I think luck exists for everyone, but you have to be skilled enough to make use of it; sometimes, I time out - so I don't win despite having a huge material advantage.

I don't believe in luck, and our notion of "luck" is a description of our lack of calculation... As such, luck makes sense as a concept when one has a lower rating, because they can't calculate very far at all, and so every move is uncalculated, and becomes either lucky or unlucky.

The only randomness in the universe arises in quantum physics, really.

I won a 300$ tournament once because someone missed a mate in 4. I think theres a certain element of luck.

it is how lucky/unlucky you get with what your opponet plays, do you know the line ect...

For me an example of "luck" is when you miss your opponent's move but you miraculously have an only-move that saves your position

I dislike that we call it luck, personally. It's out of your control to some extent yes, but it is no dice roll - you can very mcuh choose to put your opponent in positions which you expect them to find difficult, you can certainly pressure them into time trouple and so on.

It's a thing that exists, but I don't like to call it luck.

luck exists everywhere a human or any living being can interact with something. Maybe its our clumsy nature to just chalk up finding a 20 dollar bill on a curb while walking down the street.. or a sudden storm that knocks your opponents router out giving you a win in an otherwise lost game. I think luck exists and is probably what helps drive life to an extent or maybe it is a driving force of everything i can only wonder its neat to think about how lucky we are and how unlucky we are at the same time... i think we have been asking the same questions for a very very long time and we probably won't get a definite answer ... just like god some people think it exists others vehemently deny it... we have no clue but i definitely have a lot of faith in luck, i have no idea about god though so I'm gonna stay in the middle on that one